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Challenging climate colonialism

Challenging climate colonialism

The group Direct Action Berlin announced the occupation of a large coal plant in the city's Moabit district on the morning of 8 August.

During the early morning hours, more than 20 people managed to gain access to the power plant processing hard coal, a major climate killer.

The group's message: “We do not have time anymore to put our trust the empty promises of politicians. Governments around the world have shown us too often that they are not able to contain the climate crisis. Let us take climate justice into our own hands!”


Contrary to lignite, which is still mined in Germany, hard coal production was already phased out in 2018 due to its adverse environmental impacts and its high cost of production.

This does not, however, prevent power plant operators in Germany from acquiring hard coal elsewhere in the world. In 2019, hard coal still accounted for almost 10 percent of German power generation. It is now imported from countries such as Colombia and Russia.

As the activists point out, hard coal is not only extremely harmful to the climate, it is also blood coal, gained through the dispossession of local indigenous communities at the hands of large multinational corporations.