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Climate Change is Killing the Pacific Island Nation of Kiribati

Climate Change is Killing the Pacific Island Nation of Kiribati

The global displacement crisis has reached the most critical level since World War II. The refugee system designed to protect individuals who are forced to leave their homes has failed. As a result, many refugees have enlisted the services of smugglers to aid them in entering countries that would otherwise reject or prevent their entry. Many have drowned, starved, and experienced high levels of extreme violence in their search for safety and asylum.

Climate change has steadily increased the rates of internally displaced individuals by creating resource shortages and influencing extreme weather events. Data from 2016 shows that millions of people have been displaced due to natural disasters that are occurring at an increasingly alarming rate. Individuals continue to move further inland within their state’s borders to escape the disastrous effects of climate change, which are often so severe that they forcibly displace local populations. Individuals become refugees, and as climate change is interconnected to other crises, they experience increased hardships.

Globally, the climate refugee crisis is contributing to a number of humanitarian problems. It is aggravating conditions in vulnerable regions and fueling political instability, ethnic cleansing, and surges of violence, all of which are becoming more frequent and apparent. As indicated by the increase in natural disasters, the effects of climate change are becoming too severe to ignore. Wildfires, floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes are occurring at a higher rate and causing more destruction. These natural disasters are only expected to increase in frequency. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Kiribati.

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