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Climate change lets mosquitoes flourish ? and feast ? in Los Angeles

Climate change lets mosquitoes flourish — and feast — in Los Angeles

Warmer weather has allowed the pesky bugs to multiply and thwart attempts to slow their spread.

LOS ANGELES — Many try and fail to make it in L.A. But one group is proving unstoppable: mosquitoes, which have taken over Southern California and are driving the humans here crazy.
New invasive, disease-bearing species originating from Asia and Africa are thriving in the increasingly long, hot and humid summers afflicting this region thanks to climate change, according to numerous public health officials. Their growing numbers are baffling and infuriating Angelenos, who, until recently, considered themselves largely exempt from the buzzing bloodsuckers that make summers miserable in much of the rest of the country.

Experts say they’re here to stay. And even though mosquitoes don’t pose the same danger to lives and livelihoods as wildfires or drought — at least not yet — they have become a biting reminder of an increasingly inhospitable natural world where climate change seems to pose constant new hazards.

“Californians have never experienced mosquito bites like they currently are having to endure due to these new daytime biters,” said Susanne Kluh, director of scientific-technical services at the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District. “This is really, really putting a big burden on our lifestyle. It’s life-changing for Californians.”

Kluh’s agency, funded by property taxes, is one of several in Southern California that aim to help residents control mosquitoes and detect and stop the spread of any diseases they may carry.

“Mosquitoes in L.A. seems like yet another sign that the world is crumbling around us,” said Tatiana Krokar, a 49-year-old sketch comedian who lives in the Silver Lake neighborhood. “I mean, what’s next — plague of locusts? Lake of fire?”

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