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Navigating complex peace and security challenges together: Grandi

Navigating complex peace and security challenges together: Grandi

The deadly mix has increased forced displacement and increased hardships, while the climate emergency has fuelled conflict in Sahel, he said.

Underlining the importance of putting the climate emergency “front and centre” of Security Council’s agenda, the top UNHCR official noted that "the multilateral system has probably never been so important", nor so prone to failure.

Failure’s many faces

Acknowledging instability, insecurity, famine and natural disasters, Mr. Grandi added forced displacement, manipulation and irrational reactions to the list.

Among other things, failure compels humanitarians to work in complex and uncertain situations that increase humanitarian needs.

As cases in point, the UNHCR chief highlighted Myanmar, Sudan, Yemen and, most starkly, Afghanistan.

He drew attention to the fact that of the 39 million people living in Afghanistan, 23 million are facing extreme levels of hunger while 3.5 million have been displaced by conflict – 700,000 this year alone.

The politicization of humanitarian and refugee work is another form of failure, according to Mr. Grandi, who warned that humanitarian efforts are paralyzed by conflicting political agendas.

Understanding Afghanistan
The High Commissioner shared his eye-witness account of how humanitarians in Afghanistan are stepping up, noting that UNHCR continues to reach 60,000 IDPs each week.

But humanitarian aid "cannot replicate the role of States", save economies, or replace political solutions he reminded.

While recognizing the need for a delicate balance, Mr. Grandi raised his concern that slow progress is sparking an uptick in Afghans trying to leave country.

And the deeper the implosion, the greater the outflow

Meanwhile, enhanced aid is imperative for the urgent needs of winter; to stem major outflows; and stepped-up support to its neighbours, particularly Iran and Pakistan.