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Petaluma earns $1M grant to tackle climate change solutions

Petaluma earns $1M grant to tackle climate change solutions

Sometimes moonshots hit their target.

Petaluma this week learned it is one of three winners of a climate change-focused grant program, the Cool City Challenge, allowing the city’s Cool Petaluma Moonshot Team to tap $1 million in funding, plus consulting support, to bolster the local effort to create a cleaner, better-connected and more resilient community.

Joining Petaluma were Los Angeles and Irvine, with each city’s months-long efforts beating out more than 40 entries across the state in a competitive grant program Gov. Gavin Newsom described as “an exemplary how-to guide for local communities to make a significant impact on climate change.”

The local effort, led by Petaluma City Council member D’Lynda Fischer, featured a team of seven residents, 25 community partners, 300 block leaders and dozens of local experts who came together to help craft a Moonshot Strategy Framework, according to a news release from the local team.

“I am in awe of this entire community and so very grateful for their enthusiasm and participation,” Fischer said in the release.

The $1 million award, provided by the Empowerment Institute, will help fund dozens of informational meetings to ensure Petaluma residents know how to do their part to help the city reach its goal of getting to carbon neutral by 2030.

Natasha Juliana, who will serve as the campaign director for Petaluma’s program, said there’s a clear desire among residents to help, and a clear message that they need more information.

“Everyone we’ve talked to so far seems to have a hunger to have something to do,” Juliana told the Argus-Courier previously. “That’s what we always hear, ‘What do I do? What can I do?’ We hope this program will help answer that question.”

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